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 Upcoming Broadcast Preview
Hour One
Set 1:
Rumors are flying again that the Corvette will be
launched as a mid-engine platform for the C8 generation,
we'll visit the rumour-mill and set it straight

Also, will the next generation Camaro be radically different?
And....Is it possible GM has plans to resurrect Pontiac???
Former GM Captain Bob Lutz recently spoke out on the issue

Seg 2:
Spence's News * Views
Seems like car jumpers (not car Jackers) are on the rise
Seg 3:
Jim Naylor's "World of Motorsports"
Today we'll look at street performance cars.
Our countdown of the top 5 performance cars available to the average buyer

5) 2015 ZL1 Camaro, 580 HP Supercharged V8
4) 2015 Corvette 638 HP Supercharged V8
3) 2015 Dodge Viper 640 HP Fuel Injected V10
2) 2014 Mustang GT500 662 HP Supercharged V8
1) 2015 Dodge Charger 707 HP Supercharged V8
Seg 4:
Auto Adix Events report
Clash of the Classics
Today the 1966 Corvair battles the 1966 Ford Falcon
Spence takes us on another excursion in  "Stars * Cars * Guitars"
Hour Two
Seg 5:
We talked about it before, today we'll revisit some tips for
building a cool street rod on a budget

Seg 6:
Spences News Views
Seg 7:
Jim Naylors "World of Motorsports"
We'll take a peek at the upcoming Saleen Mustang
Seg 8:
Auto Adix Magazine
We'll look at 3 of our favorite imports
Cayman GTS
Audi RS5
Mercedes C63 AMG









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