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Hour One
SEG 1:
Are our roadways in serious trouble with thew legalization
of marijuana?
New studies indicate we are headed down the 'wrong road'.

Seg 2:
Spences News and Views
Seg 3:
With global competition at a record high in the Automotive Industry,
we these United States are producing some of the finest automobiles
in the world. We'll highlight the top 5 US builds.

Seg 4:
Clash of the Classics, today the
1951 Ford F100 battles the 1951 Chevy Pickup

Cars, Stars and Guitars
Hour Two
Seg 5:
Newsflash!! 2015 Mustang GT500 tops Dodge's hellcat.
Ford couldn't-wouldn't sit still for 2nd place

2016 Toyota Kluger (ugly as freddie Kruger) will be cutting edge in terms of technology
Seg 6:
Spences News and Views
Seg 7:
The push toward autonomous vehicles dominates the segment.
Automakers working first on car to car communication.
Collision avoidance is priority 1

Manufacturers developing real-time vehicle systems monitoring.
What will that mean for the National Chains and the independents in terms of service and repair?

Seg 8:
With current 2016 CAFE standards set at 37.8 MPG its clear that we will see an industry wide reduction in cubic inch displacements and an increase in multi ratio transmissions. What will that mean for the performance industry?
What will smart phones look like in 2050? will we even carry a device any more? Spence will look down the road at what technology may look like in 35 years












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